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    One of the outstanding qualities about Omega1Fitness is that he leads by example. Trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle can be very confusing in terms of what works and more importantly what works for you. With Omega1Fitness you get tailor made diet plans and workouts that account for your needs and habits. The passion that Omega1Fitness has for health and fitness is extremely infectious, and thanks to all the knowledge I have gained during my time with Lee and his on going support and genuine wishes to see me continue in my progress, makes me confident in my persistence.












    I am very thankful for Omega1Fitness. Lee is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, making the experience well worth it. I now know how to do an array of exercises effectively and safely. Lee approached every training session very prepared and encouraging.

    I would recommend his training to anyone, it was well worth my time and money. Plus now I have exercises to really get me on the road to health. Thank you Omega1Fitness!"



    My experience with Omega1Fitness was great and Lee really knows his stuff. I had no idea how to get started on the road to getting fit. Lee made me a tailor made fitness plan and held me to it!

    Recommend 100%