• Teen Coaching 13+

    I pride myself in teaching those younger then myself how to implement positive health, lifestyles & exercise habits early on rather then later in life.


    Is your child interested in learning how to get fit, eat well & apply themselves to something?


    Or maybe you are a parent who wants their child to be coached professionally to assist them in their chosen sport?


    Check out my work below & pricing options.


  • Teen Coaching Services

    I'm fully insured under Insure4Sports.

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    One to One Coaching

    £30 per hour

    My pricing reflects the age at which I'm teaching. Under 20 year olds pay a discounted rate of £30 per hour opposed to my full RRP 0f £45.


    This is a popular choice for parents who wish for their child to be taught, pushed & for those who only wish to exercise for general health & well-being once or twice per week.

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    Block Options

    12 sessions over 6 or 12 weeks + 1 extra for FREE! £300.

    My blocks are for children who are already fully committed to sports & are needing some extra help & support to get their diet & sports conditioning in check pre or post season.


    They are also good for anyone who wishes to learn the A-Z's of exercising safely, correctly & with purpose in or out of a gym environment.


    Invest in your child early for a better future.