• Who Am I?

    I'm like your very own Jimini Cricket, always there to steer you into the right direction!

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    Lee A.D.


    Founder and Director


    Hi I’m Lee, I’m 34 years old and from England 🏴


    Hybrid Athlete & father.


    In 2014 after putting myself through University (self-funded), I graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Canterbury Christ Church University).

    I have over 16 years experience within the industry, coaching and training my clients in gyms, sports centres, outdoors & at home across the globe.


    I'm fully insured to cover all training under Insure4Sport.



    My whole life has been based upon overcoming the impossible, challenging myself and helping others along the way to achieve our dreams and goals.


    I am currently based in Essex.



    I live by the code of 'The Secret'

    This book will help you to understand me and my mindset towards life and my purpose and once you've read it, YOURS ALSO!



    Level 6 Bsc Sports Science

    Level 4 REPS PT





    Omega1Fitness 💪🏼




    I’m currently operating at ROM gym 💪🏼



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    Omega1Fitness is no ordinary 'Brand'


    My programmes do not just focus on food, fitness and lifestyle habits. They also address factors such as work, relationships and belief systems for the very best transformative results


    Health, Wellness and Fitness is not just about physical fitness and prowess, it is the entire package:-


    Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual qualities are just some of the attributes that enable us to activate our human senses and instincts.


    Modern day life has suppressed these attributes and unless you act now to re-awaken them you will never truly be fit, healthy and thrive in life.


    Break the norm and embrace your inner 'Super You!'



    Worldwide Consultations and 24/7 Online Support

    Personal Training (One on One) Gym, Outdoors or at home

    Online PT & Consultation
    Classes, Mixed abilities, age and genders

    Private, Corporate and Public sector packages
    Scientifically designed and tailored Nutritional Programs
    Sports Specific Coaching
    Sports Massage and Advanced Stretching (PNF)


    Disciplines & Areas Covered:-


    ✔General/overall fitness and conditioning
    ✔Body Building
    ✔Power and Olympic lifting


    ✔TRX suspesion

    ✔Bosu ball

    ✔Power bag and plate

    ✔Pad work (Boxing)
    ✔Sports specific conditioning

    ✔Cardio-vascular programs
    ✔Rehabilitation and Pre-hab
    ✔GP referral