• The Squat Is The Perfect Analogy For Life


    It's About Standing Back Up After Something Heavy Takes You Down!

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  • Your newly enhanced body is a testament to the New YOU!


    Build & take yourself to new a whole new level

    I can guarantee that you will See & Feel amazing results in just 30 days!

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    Experience first hand, the value of a Real & Dedicated Coach

    If you're reading this then you're already half-way there, you've left the contemplation stages & are ready to take ACTION upon it!


    This is where I step in, I know you may not be 100% happy with how you look and feel, but believe me I can more then relate!


    Have faith & prepare to be motivated, inspired and guided towards your dreams, vision & long awaited new YOU!


    You want more lean muscle ✔️

    You want more energy ✔️

    You want to lose and keep of unwanted fat ✔️

    You want to build confidence ✔️

    You want to rehab properly for the long term ✔️


    YOU will achieve all of these with Me & My support both in person & Online.

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    Kiss Goodbye to your Past, I'm the Solution to your Future

    I first started Online Coaching in Feb 2019 as a way to reach new people & spread my positive message about life, it's ups and downs & the beauty in changing your body, mind & spirit from the inside out.


    I still can't understand why I see & know of so many people who go it alone, waste a lot of time, cash & effort, abuse their bodies, focus on the wrong things & ultimately end up having nothing to show for it.


    Today's society is all about efficiency, practicality and resourcefulness, so why waste the best years of your life struggling, trying to do it all by yourself?


    If you are feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of conflicting, bias & inaccurate information online, frustrated with your progress & need guidance, then join my team today & truly transform your Body & Life with one of my Online Coaching Packages TODAY.


    Or if local book a One to One PT session.



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    Why choose OMEGA1FITNESS over the competition?


    Ultimately no one likes to feel just like another number or financial gain to a company, you want to feel important and understood.


    Here at Omega1Fitness I get to know you on a personal level, your likes, your dislikes, your lifestyle, family, food habits etc.


    There isn't a "standard plan" that fits all, it fits YOU and ONLY you in order to get the biggest and best results yet!


    We are all consumers (in our own ways) but wouldn't you prefer to be a fit, healthy and thriving one?


    Join the 'Movement'


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  • FAQ's

    In order to save you some time, I've complied a list of the top 10 commonly asked questions I receive from new clients.


  • Terms & Conditions

    Refund Policy

    Once a Block or Online Package is Purchased it is non-refundable under any circumstances.


    By purchasing a service from me, you have entered into a contractual agreement, (verbally or by signing an agreement), that you are happy to proceed with the product/service you have chosen and are aware that you will not be able to have any funds refunded to you.


    If in the event of the facility we use being closed, (currently R.O.M Gym), due to a pandemic, act of God or all other means that are physically out of my control the following choices will be made available to you: -


    1) I will freeze your block until I can re-commence.

    2) I will train you via online I.e. Zoom, FaceTime etc.

    3) Or lastly (where possible), we can meet outdoors or at home to continue your sessions.


    If you require time off, then you must submit the request to me in writing at least one week prior to the dates required. I will freeze the sessions for the dates requested, anything over this period of agreed time, you will lose 1 session per week until you return to your training.