• The Squat Is The Perfect Analogy For Life


    It's About Standing Back Up After Something Heavy Takes You Down!

    Power Lifting Back Squats


    Attempted 230kg/507lb Squat, it was not meant to be on that day, however in life there is usually another day to try again!


    When life knocks you down, you can either stay down or you can get back up and FIGHT BACK!


    Follow my Workouts, Sports Commentary & interests on my YOUTUBE channel 👇🏼


  • Your newly enhanced body is a testament to the New YOU!


    Build & take yourself to new a whole new level

    I can guarantee that you will See & Feel amazing results in just 30 days!

    Experience first hand, the value of a Real & Dedicated Coach

    If you're reading this then you're already half-way there, you've left the contemplation stages & are ready to take ACTION upon it!


    This is where I step in, I know you may not be 100% happy with how you look and feel, but believe me I can more then relate!


    Have faith & prepare to be motivated, inspired and guided towards your dreams, vision & long awaited new YOU!


    You want more lean muscle ✔️

    You want more energy ✔️

    You want to lose and keep of unwanted fat ✔️

    You want to build confidence ✔️


    YOU will achieve all of these with Me & My online support.

    Kiss Goodbye to your Past, I'm the Solution to your Future

    I first started Online Coaching in Feb 2019 as a way to reach new people & spread my positive message about life, it's ups and downs & the beauty in changing your body, mind & spirit from the inside out.


    I still can't understand why I see & know of so many people who go it alone, waste a lot of time, cash & effort, abuse their bodies, focus on the wrong things & ultimately end up having nothing to show for it.


    Today's society is all about efficiency, practicality and resourcefulness, so why waste the best years of your life struggling, trying to do it all by yourself?


    If you are feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of conflicting, bias & inaccurate information online, frustrated with your progress & need guidance, then join my team today & truly transform your Body & Life with one of my Online Coaching Packages TODAY.



  • Online Lifestyle Coaching & PT via Zoom

    Not in the same area or country as me?

    Not a problem with my Online Coaching Services

    Stay in touch by Phone


    A new tech era


    Our phones are our gateway to the world and everyone within it.


    You can contact me by text, voice, video or photo anytime you wish with just a click of a button!


    There really is no excuse to not stay in constant touch, I am after all your coach, mentor and friend.

    Stay in touch by laptop/computer


    It's never been easier to communicate remotely!


    Another powerful tool for us to utilise and one I find particularly useful.


    The larger screen and better quality audio allows for a far more personal feel especially with video chats, bringing us closer to one another then ever before!


    These video chats are the closest we can get to meeting in person (location dependent), and are what help us to build a solid relationship.


    Online Clientele


    Lee Godfrey

    Profession:- Senior Staff Nurse

    Age:- 36

    Nationality:- English

    Location:- London

    **UPDATE APRIL 2020**


    Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic & the nature of Lee’s job he had to stop his subscription with me until further notice.


    Lee was my very first and exclusive Online Client, so thank you and welcome to the team!


    He singed up to the **BETA Package** in July 2019 with the following goals:-


    1) American football sports specific conditioning prep, to become eligible as a starter for adult league 2020 & University league October 2019.


    2) Breaking bad habits and creating a new disciplined routine & structured lifestyle to integrate both at work & his home life.


    3) Fix his diet & supplementation regime, with the aim to gain and more importantly maintain lean mass, optimum health and overall well-being for his mental state.


    He works shift patterns which can present challenges to ones work/life balance, however I am confident Lee and I will overcome this minor obstacle and pathe the way to his future success and goals, wishing you the best of luck!



    Mimoza Krutani

    Care- Worker

    Age:- 37

    Nationality:- Albanian

    Location:- Essex



    **Training frozen until further notice due to the Coronavirus Pandemic**


    Mimoza is my first new female client to join me at ROM gym in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex (Feb 2020).


    She has signed up to the 12 x PT sessions over 6 weeks with a diet & meal plan package.

    Mimoza has a background in keeping fit & healthy, however in recent times hasn’t been as committed as she once was. Therefore she has enlisted the help of a PT for the 1st time & I’m very happy to have you on board 🙂

    She will be training with me 2x per week for the first 6 weeks of Phase 1 with the following goals:-


    1:- Lose 5 stone/31.7kg or just under 70lb 💪🏼


    2:- Quit Smoking 🚬 ✌🏼


    3:- Eat Healthy & Right to fit into a size 10-12 👗 again 🙌🏼


    I have recommended a minimum of 6 months to achieve this with a gradual drop in daily calories, an increase in all forms of exercise & of course developing new daily habits to accelerate her goals in the safest & most effective time scale possible.


    Stay tuned for this body transformation & updates every 6 weeks.





    Stuart Bell


    Age:- 33

    Nationality:- English

    Location:- Essex


    **Training frozen until further notice due to the Coronavirus Pandemic**


    I’d like to give a warm welcome to Stuart 🙌🏼 (March 2020).

    Stuart is an existing member @romgymessex & already trains with our Muay Thai & Boxing Coach Sal 🥊


    He has signed up to the 12 x PT sessions over 6 weeks with a diet & meal plan package.


    He has enlisted my help with his Strength & Conditioning, with the current goals:-


    1) Lose 2 stone (currently 14 stone/88kg)

    2) Increase Speed, Power, Flexibility & overall fitness to aid in his combat training.

    3) Develop, maintain & adopt new eating habits for an epic Body Transformation 💪🏼

    We had a really good first session & he has a very good base of strength/fitness to work with so I have no doubts he’s journey is going to be a very exciting one 🔥


    Stay tuned for this Body Transformation 💯





    Lucy Glover

    Age:- 27

    Nationality:- English

    Location:- Essex


    I’d like to give a warm welcome to Lucy 🙌🏼 (April 2020)

    Lucy is an existing member @romgymessex


    **However due to the gym Being closed we are instead working together via Zoom video calling**


    She has signed up to the 12x PT sessions over 6 weeks with a diet & meal plan package.


    She has enlisted my help with the following goals:-


    1) Lose 3 stone/19kg.

    2) Improve her cardiovascular fitness & endurance.


    3) Change her eating habits to accommodate a healthy & enjoyable long term diet & weight management plan that fits around her busy city work lifestyle.



    Really looking forward to helping you reach your goals 💪🏼


    Stay tuned for this Body Transformation 💯





    Paul May

    Age:- 42

    Nationality:- South-African

    Location:- Essex


    I’d like to give a warm welcome to Paul 🙌🏼 (May 2020) LOCKDOWN


    He has signed up to the 12 x PT sessions over 6 weeks with a diet & meal plan package.


    He has enlisted my help with the current goals:-


    1) Lose 2-4kg (currently 12.9 stone/82kg)

    2) Lose his love handles & gotten his stomach with visible abs.

    3) Develop, maintain & adopt new eating habits for an epic Body Transformation 💪🏼

    We had a really good first (outdoor) session & he has a very good base of strength/fitness to work with so I have no doubts he’s journey is going to be a very exciting one 🔥


    Stay tuned for this Body Transformation 💯





    Age:- 36

    Nationality:- English

    Location:- Essex


    I’d like to give a warm welcome to Paul 🙌🏼 (August 2020) POST-LOCKDOWN


    Antoine has signed up to my 18 session block which comes with 2 extra for free (20 Total) over 10 weeks.


    He has enlisted my help with the current goals:-


    1) Lose 3-4 stone over 6 months.

    2) Lose his love handles & flatten his stomach with visible abs.

    3) Develop, maintain & adopt new eating habits for an epic Body Transformation 💪🏼


    Stay tuned for this Body Transformation 💯





    My Recruits


    Sean Scanlan

    **Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic our training has been frozen until further notice**


    Shape, sculpt & lift chest as well as the entire body, build a solid foundation of strength, & improve aerobic fitness.


    Age: 36

    Height: 6"1


    Starting weight:- 98.6kg, 217lb

    15.7 stone.





    Sean has only just started his journey with Omega1Fitness (May 2019) and I cannot wait to see the gains he is going to make!


    He is currently on a One to One Personal training package, consisting of 3 sessions per week.


    Sean has already lost over 40kg over the past 3 years alone! A truly admirable man.






    Ian Brooks


    Lose 5kg of body fat, tone up and sculpt all areas of the body, particularly upper body & lastly improve aerobic fitness.


    Age: 30

    Height: 5"7


    Starting weight:- 78kg, 172lb, 12.4 stone.





    Ian started training with Omega1Fitness in May 2019.


    He is to tie the knot in 2020. therefore his goal is to tone up, lose unwanted body fat & improve overall health & fitness both mentally and physically.


    He singed up to One to One Personal Training, consisting of 1 session per week & a workout template with two unique sessions for him to adhere to alone.


    Sadly, due to work commitments Ian had to end his training as of July 2019, we hope to see you back in the future!





    Daylene Dee

    Goals: Lose 5kg, tone up all areas, improve cardio and aerobic fitness and lastly improve stamina.


    Age: 36

    Height: 5"2


    Starting weight:-74kg, 164lb, 11.7 stone.

    Finishing weight:-68kg.


    Timeline for weight loss was 3 months. It is worth noting that Dayleene lost the weight from a combination of diet, training and ceasing medical treatment she was on prior to commencing training with me.



    Dayleene trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 3 months (2015) and made some excellent gains and significant improvements along the way. We also became very good friends.



    She purchased two workouts per week, one to one personal training package and one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products.



    Lexi Is

    Goals: Tone up her legs, bum and abs, improve endurance and strength, flexibility and overall fitness.


    Age: 24

    Height: 5"4


    Starting weight:- 58.9 kg, 130lb, 9.2 stone

    Current weight:- Status ongoing



    Lexi met with OMEGA1FITNESS in June (2015) and purchased a 2 day per week/6 week workout program, this type of product has no one to one personal training element, however the level of support and planning is equal to that of a program that accompanies a one to one PT package.




    Carrie Roy

    Goals: Lose 5kg, learn how to safely and competently exercise across a wide variety of disciplines in a gym environment, tone up all areas, improve cardio, aerobic fitness and stamina, and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 32

    Height: 5"6


    Starting weight:- 60kg, 132lb, 9.4 stone

    Finishing weight:- 57kg, 125lb, 8.9 stone.



    Carrie signed up for a two day per week split consisting of One to One personal training and a 15 different workout(s) program (2016)


    She very quickly showed signs of change, adaptation and improvement in all aspects of her training and we were very happy with her rapid progress she achieved. Carrie trained with Omega1Fitness for a total of 2 full consecutive months.

    Joel Peterson

    Goals: Lean bulk of 5kg, lose the beer belly, tone up all areas, improve cardio and aerobic fitness and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 45

    Height: 5"8


    Starting weight:-91.6kg, 202lb, 14.4 stone

    Finishing weight:- 88.4kg, 195lb, 13.9 stone



    Joel trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 2 months (2015), he made some very quick gains in both strength and muscle hypertrophy. He steadily lost weight throughout this time and is continuing to do so to this very day, with a low carb and no beer diet. We also became very good friends along the way.


    He purchased a three sessions per week One to One personal training package and one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products.

    Muano Tshivhase

    Goals: Lose 5kg, tone up all areas, improve cardio, aerobic fitness and stamina, and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 25

    Height: 5"4


    Starting weight:- 83kg, 182lb, 13.7 stone

    Finishing Weight:-78kg, 174lb, 12.4 stone.

    South African


    Muano trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 4 months (2016). She initially started off with 3 sessions per week but after just 2 months she chose to increase the volume of training to 5 days per week and even exercised on her rest days!


    She purchased one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products and stuck to it like glue, she learnt that adhering to a structured diet plan significantly aided her with her weight loss/management goals.


    One of the outstanding qualities about Omega1Fitness is that he leads by example. Trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle can be very confusing in terms of what works and more importantly what works for you. With Omega1Fitness you get tailor made diet plans and workouts that account for your needs and habits. The passion that Omega1Fitness has for health and fitness is extremely infectious, and thanks to all the knowledge I have gained during my time with Lee and his on going support and genuine wishes to see me continue in my progress, makes me confident in my persistence.





    Paul Kelly

    Goals: Lose 15kg, lower cholesterol (LDL), increase HDL cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and lastly improve his gout condition through healthy controlled eating and lifestyle choices.


    Age: 53

    Height: 5"1


    Starting weight:- 115kg, 253.5lb, 18 stone

    Current weight:- Status ongoing



    Paul met with OMEGA1FITNESS in July (2015) and purchased one of my scientifically and specially tailored diet and recipe plan products. He has a long way to go on his weight loss journey but we are certain he will make it happen.








    I am very thankful for Omega1Fitness. Lee is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, making the experience well worth it. I now know how to do an array of exercises effectively and safely. Lee approached every training session very prepared and encouraging.

    I would recommend his training to anyone, it was well worth my time and money. Plus now I have exercises to really get me on the road to health. Thank you Omega1Fitness!"





    My experience with Omega1Fitness was great and Lee really knows his stuff. I had no idea how to get started on the road to getting fit. Lee made me a tailor made fitness plan and held me to it!

    Recommend 100%








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    Refund Policy

    Once a Block is Purchased it is non-refundable under any circumstances.


    You will be invited to do a trial session with myself at the full hourly rate. If after the 1st session you are happy to continue working with me, and wish to commit to buying a block, this session will be deducted from your block of 12 or 18.


    By purchasing a block with me, you have entered into a contractual agreement, (verbally or by signing this agreement), that you are happy to proceed with the block you have chosen and are aware that you will not be able to have any funds refunded to you.


    If in the event of the facility we use being closed, (currently R.O.M Gym), due to a pandemic or all other means that are physically out of my control. The following choices will be made available to you:-


    1) I will freeze your block until I can re-commence.

    2) I will train you via online I.e. Zoom, FaceTime etc.

    3) Or lastly (where possible), we can meet outdoors or at home to continue your sessions.





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