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Omega1Fitness Plans for Expansion and Growth in 2016

Our 1st ever Blog!

What a fantastic year it has been for us here at Omega1Fitness and we would like to personally thank everyone who has supported us here in Thailand and back home in the UK, we are truly grateful to you all.

The brand has gone from strength to strength over the past six months with the introduction of Omega1Foods a division we are very proud of and one we are working on building upon further, new products and lines will be introduced very soon so please keep an eye out. Any suggestions for new products and ideas are also very welcomed.

Moving forward for the rest of the year is a very exciting time for us, we will be moving operations back to Europe with the business being based in London (UK), however Omega1Fitness has plans to become a global household name and will be trademarked world wide very soon.

We are pleased to announce that we we are working on our very first clothing line 'Omega1Apparel' which will incorporate sports, fashion and music/events orientated pieces so watch this space , all of which will come from eco and sustainably friendly materials, supportive of local businesses and at a very fair and competitive price for you our customers.

(There will be some exceptions for synthetic materials when it comes to the sports clothing line).

It is still very much in the planning and development stages, however we expect to launch the line by UK winter time i.e. October 2016, please keep an eye out for updates we will post further information as we have it.

That's all for this update and thank you for your continued support.

Stay Omega

"Invest in yourself for a better future"

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