• Who Am I?

    Lee A Donaldson


    Founder and Director


    I am 29, English and most importantly a **NATURAL** Power Bodybuilder.


    Currently based in Essex but work in London.


    I am a hopeful future all round **NATURAL** fitness, strongman and physique competitor.


    In 2014 I graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Canterbury Christ Church University).

    Furthermore I have a level 3 REPS in Personal Training supported by 10 years of practical and theoretical experience as well as a passion for my own Health, Wellness and Fitness.


    I want to create a community, this is more then a business it is a family <3








    Part-time Model, Extra and Actor  


    Future Men's Fashion Online Retailer

    Since 19 years of age I have had a number of photo shoots for London based photographers in the fitness, fashion, lifestyle and commercial areas on a freelance basis. The new direction is to progress to online and magazine editorial areas.


    Please view my Profile on Star Now for images, show-reel, credits and bookings or alternatively email me at lee.donaldson19489@gmail.com

    Spot Light **COMING SOON**





    Omega1Fitness is no ordinary 'Brand'


    The Three F's

    Fitness, Food and Fashion


    My programmes do not just focus on food, fitness and lifestyle habits but also address such factors as work, relationships and belief systems for transformative results.


    Building and maintaining professional relationships with my clients, old, current and new.

    Health, Wellness and Fitness is not just about physical fitness and prowess, it is the entire package:-


    Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual qualities are just some of the attributes that enable us to activate our human senses and instincts.


    Modern day life has suppressed these attributes and unless you act now to re-awaken them you will never truly be fit, healthy and thrive in life.


    Break the norm and embrace your inner 'Super You!'


    Worldwide Consultations and 24/7 Online/Offline Support



    Personal Training (one on one)

    Online PT & Consultation
    Classes, Mixed abilities, age and genders

    Private, corporate and public sector packages
    Scientifically designed and tailored Nutritional Programs
    Sports Coaching (children's athletics and general sports)
    Sports Massage and Advanced Stretching (PNF)


    Disciplines Covered:-


    ✔General/overall fitness and conditioning
    ✔Body Building
    ✔Power and Olympic lifting


    ✔TRX suspesion

    ✔Bosu ball

    ✔Power bag and plate

    ✔Pad work (Boxing)
    ✔Sports specific conditioning

    ✔Cardio-vascular programs
    ✔Rehabilitation and Pre-hab
    ✔GP referral




    I have a shared love and excitement for healthy cooking, eating and drinking and rightfully so. Anyone who wishes to dramatically change their body and more importantly maintain it needs to understand the importance of how a healthy and consistent diet regime contributes to around 70% of their overall health and wellness.


    This part of the business focuses on the Health and Nutrition aspect whereby supplying healthy, locally produced organic foods and drinks to clients. (I am continually adding new products to the range so watch this space.


    All products are 100% organic, free from additives, pesticides and other contaminants see the 'Shop' section for more info.

    If you would like more detailed information and support then please email me:- lee.donaldson19489@gmail.com


    Diet programs, recipe guides, workout templates and all other services/products are at a set price unless purchased through a Package deal (see Products and services).




    Lifestyle, Fashion and Travelling



    Alongside my passion and love for Sports, Health and Nutrition I am also a massive supporter of travelling the world (wanderlust), continually exploring new countries and continents and immersing myself in all forms of cultures both first and third world.


    To date I have visited over 20 countries and counting.


    Many of my dietary plans, products and clothing designs have been inspired by my travels and adventures abroad. In 2015 after one year of graduating from University I decided to move to Thailand for one year to teach children English as well as travelling the length and breadth of the country. I also founded Omega1Fitness and the Omega1Foods range whilst residing there, providing both Thai and Expats with an array of the products and services available from the brand.


    If you have ever visited Thailand or any of the ASEAN countries you will be aware of the almost endless range, supply and diversity of food and drinks, whether healthy or not your pallet is certainly in for a treat! I also visited India for one month and Malaysia multiple times, both countries further enhanced my culinary experiences and ideas significantly.


    My travelling experiences whether tourist or Expat based also sparked and reawakened my creative and fashionista self. In addition to my very rare and incredibly enriching year long experience in South East Asia I also lived on the stunning Balearic island of Mallorca in the summer of 2016 for 7 months.


    This was my first time to Mallorca and it certainly will not be my last! This Mediterranean gem is rich in culture, history, cuisine, fashion and architecture, not forgetting its stunning weather and landscapes, it certainly does tick all of the boxes.


    Europe and Asia certainly have their differences in price, quality and overall fashion style, however this does not mean You or I you should prefer one over the other. With the right blend and eye you can create a look that will make you stand out, cause a stir and most importantly prompt your friends, colleagues and friends to ask you that common question, where did you buy it?


    With this is all in mind and also taking into account my knowledge, experience and understanding into retail, wholesale, supplying and sales I have now started to create my very own bespoke boutique clothing collection under the following categories:-


    ✔Lifestyle (European Summer) Collection

    ✔ Festival, Rave and Summer Collection

    ✔Sportswear both Men's and Women's Collection

    ✔Designer label with (Trade Partners) Collection








    Why choose OMEGA1FITNESS over the competition?


    Ultimately no one likes to feel just like another number or financial gain to a company, you want to feel important and understood.


    Here at Omega1Fitness I get to know you on a personal level, your likes, your dislikes, your lifestyle, family, food habits etc. There isn't a "standard diet or fitness plan" that fits all, it fits YOU and ONLY you in order to get the biggest and best results yet!


    We are all consumers (in our own ways) but wouldn't you prefer to be a fit, healthy and thriving one?


    Join the 'Movement'


  • The Science Behind the Nutrtion 

    We always strive for the best.


    When it comes to Nutrition you should never second guess it, here at OMEGA1FITNESS we recruit science as our ally to ensure you sculpt the very finest physique for which you desire.


    With our years of experience, education and knowledge we are able to provide you with very detailed and accurate quantitative and qualitative data as well as any other relevant information you will require to ensure you are ready to embark upon the journey with me.


    Crafted by Math and Science Σ

    Whether you decide to purchase a product from the OMEGA1FOODS range or a meal plan/recipe list from the OMEGA1FITNESS range you will be provided with incredibly accurate and precise calculations, measurements values and ingredients.



    WE provide detailed information and breakdowns on all of the essential areas:-


    -Caloric Values.


    -Macro-nutrients i.e. Proteins.


    -Fats of which there are 3 types polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated.


    -Carbohydrates broken into 2 categories:- Starches and Fruit and Vegetables.


    -Micro-nutrients, comprising of all essential vitamins and minerals the body requires for healthy functionality.


    -Lysine and Arginine




    - H2O/ Water


    -Free from foods and substitutes for people with Collitis, Chrons and other dietary needs.



    Past and Present, Stats, Reviews and Testimonials


    2015-Present Day

    Daylene Dee

    Goals: Lose 5kg, tone up all areas, improve cardio and aerobic fitness and lastly improve stamina.


    Age: 36

    Height: 5"2


    Starting weight:-74kg, 164lb, 11.7 stone.

    Finishing weight:-68kg.


    Timeline for weight loss was 3 months. It is worth noting that Dayleene lost the weight from a combination of diet, training and ceasing medical treatment she was on prior to commencing training with us.



    Dayleene trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 3 months and made some excellent gains and significant improvements along the way. We also became very good friends.



    She purchased two workouts per week, one to one personal training package and one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products.



    Joel Peterson

    Goals: Lean bulk of 5kg, lose the beer belly, tone up all areas, improve cardio and aerobic fitness and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 45

    Height: 5"8


    Starting weight:-91.6kg, 202lb, 14.4 stone

    Finishing weight:- 88.4kg, 195lb, 13.9 stone



    Joel trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 2 months, he made some very quick gains in both strength and muscle hypertrophy. He steadily lost weight throughout this time and is continuing to do so to this very day, with a low carb and no beer diet. We also became very good friends along the way.



    He purchased a three per week one to one personal training package and one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products.


    See below for Joel's review:-


    "My experience with omega was great and Lee knows his stuff. I had no idea how to get started on the road to getting fit but Lee tailor-made a fitness plan for me and held me to it. Recommended 100%."



    Muano Tshivhase

    Goals: Lose 5kg, tone up all areas, improve cardio, aerobic fitness and stamina, and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 25

    Height: 5"4


    Starting weight:- 83kg, 182lb, 13.7 stone

    Finishing Weight:-78kg, 174lb, 12.4 stone.

    South African


    Muano trained with OMEGA1FITNESS for a total of 4 months. She initially started off with 3 sessions per week but after just 2 months she chose to increase the volume of training to 5 days per week and even exercised on her rest days!


    She purchased one of my scientifically and tailored diet and recipe plan products and stuck to it like glue, she leant that adhering to a structured diet plan significantly aided her with her weight loss/management goals.


    We can't wait to see your future gains, keep up the good work Muano.


    See below for Muano's review:-


    "One of the outstanding qualities about Omega Fitness is that they lead by example. Trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle can be very confusing in terms of what works and more importantly what works for you. With Omega Fitness you get tailor made diet plans and workouts that account for your needs and habits. The passion that Omega Fitness has for health and fitness is extremely infectious and thanks to all the knowledge I have gained during my time with them and their on going support and genuine wishes to see me continue in my progress, makes me confident in my persistence."

    Carrie Roy

    Goals: Lose 5kg, learn how to safely and competently exercise across a wide variety of disciplines in a gym environment, tone up all areas, improve cardio, aerobic fitness and stamina, and lastly improve flexibility.


    Age: 32

    Height: 5"6


    Starting weight:- 60kg, 132lb, 9.4 stone

    Finishing weight:- 57kg, 125lb, 8.9 stone.



    Carrie signed up for a two day per week split consisting of One to One personal training and a 15 different workout(s) program.


    She very quickly showed signs of change, adaptation and improvement in all aspects of her training and we were very happy with her rapid progress she achieved. Carrie trained with Omega1Fitness for a total of 2 full consecutive months.



    See below for Carries review:-


    "I am very thankful for Omega1Fitness. Lee is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition; making the experience well worth it. I now know how to do an array of exercises effectively and safely. Lee approached every training session very prepared and encouraging. I would recommend his training to anyone; It was well worth my time and money. Plus now I have exercises to really get me on the road to health. Thank you Omega1Fitness!"

    Paul Kelly

    Goals: Lose 15kg, lower cholesterol (LDL), increase HDL cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and lastly improve his gout condition through healthy controlled eating and lifestyle choices.


    Age: 53

    Height: 5"1


    Starting weight:- 115kg, 253.5lb, 18 stone

    Current weight:- Status ongoing



    Paul met with OMEGA1FITNESS in July and purchased one of my scientifically and specially tailored diet and recipe plan products. He has a long way to go on his weight loss journey but we are certain he will make it happen.






    Lexi Is

    Goals: Tone up her legs, bum and abs, improve endurance and strength, flexibility and overall fitness.


    Age: 24

    Height: 5"4


    Starting weight:- 58.9 kg, 130lb, 9.2 stone

    Current weight:- Status ongoing



    Lexi met with OMEGA1FITNESS in June and purchased a 2 day per week/6 week workout program, this type of product has no one to one personal training element, however the level of support and planning is equal to that of a program that accompanies a one to one PT package.




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